Frequently asked questions

What is Nclex?

Nclex is the Licensing examination which gives you license to work in USA and CANADA as a Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse.

Who is eligible to take NCLEX?

The students who have studied GNM (General Nursing and Midwife) and B.SC. (Bachelor of Science) in nursing, both are eligible for taking NCLEX.

What is the duration of coaching classes?

The coaching duration is for 4 months. We do not provide short paced course now as we feel that for internationally graduated nurses it is very important to have thorough knowledge to learn to apply the answer for the test questions.

What is exam registration process duration?

It varies by country to country and state by state. NCLEX test conduction body is same for CANADA and USA but exam registration is different for both. It takes from 3 months to 12 months and depends on many factors. We can also apply for expedited service by paying more fees to the evaluation bodies.

Do you do exam registration process for USA and CANADA?

We do exam registration process for both USA and CANADA, and state of your choice. We will explain whole procedures to you and will give you different option to make it more easier for you and then we will proceed as per your choice.

Is IELTS or TOEFL require to take NCLEX?

Each state has different requirement for IELTS. We assist our students to waive IELTS requirement and get approval directly to take NCLEX test.

Can we take NCLEX outside of USA and CANADA?

Yes, Of course. For taking NLCEX for USA and CANADA, you do not need to go there, you can take test near to your home address wherever the NCLEX centers are available.

Do you provide In- person or Online classes?

We do provide both In-person and Online class. The students who live outside of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and the students from outside of Chicago, IL, online teaching is more preferable.

Is there any difference in teaching for In-Person and Online coaching classes?

No. There is no difference between In-person and online coaching. As we have been using well advanced technology software for online program where students have experience same like in-person teaching. They will have chance to see all audio-visual content, power point, white board, screen sharing features to have in-person teaching experience. Moreover, we often conduct review class altogether for students who come to institution and who attend online.

What is Your Pass rate for Nclex test taker?

Current pass rate for internationally graduated nurses is 94%. If you follow our review guidelines and you do what we say and take test when we say that you are ready then there is 100% guarantee you will pass NCLEX in first trial. If you still fail we will coach you until you pass and we will not let you down.

Is your classes effective for students who have failed multiple times in the test?

Yes, our review course is very comprehensible for students who have failed multiple times. The students has English language barrier, the instructor takes separate classes to make students more confident about the content.

What makes your review more effective than others?

We feel that our instructor who is more enthusiastic and passionate to make her each student pass the Nclex with her efforts. Personal assistance to each student based on their weakness is more important distinct feature of Rudraa academy where students find their second home for study. This really help students to study in more comfortable and friendlier environment to build up their confidence. This is very helpful to pass Nclex in first trial. We conduct weekly test to know students’ weak areas so we can help them more better to improve it.