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Rudraa academy is the Center for excellence. We believe that everyone has born to succeed. It is just the matter of choosing right path of ground work. The Rudraa academy is the institution solidly established by professionals who were also board top notches.

Our reviewees performance in every licensure examination is a testament of what we are and what we believe in. More than tailoring students to become future top notches, Rudraa Academy takes more pride in having helped students who are hopeless to pass their tests.

We believe in them. We motivate them. We give our 100% in conducting our review programs.

It provides the best training for nurses to get License of USA and CANADA by assisting them to appear for the licensing examination NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN effortlessly.

National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse is an exam which assesses the suitability of candidates in medical services in the US, Canada and Australia. The NCLEX-PN is a test for practical nurses. These tests are state as well as country-specific.

Test Format

A credential verification is a prelude to booking a test date for NCLEX-RN. NCLEX-RN is a computer-adaptive test which is conducted by Pearson VUE. The difficulty level of each question is advanced depending on the earlier responses. There are various question types like MCQs, gap-fills, drag-drop questions, audio questions, drag to right order etc. A minimum of 75 questions needs to be answered correctly out of a total of 265 questions. Being an adaptive test, it may last up to 6 hours with optional breaks. The first break is offered after 2 hours and the second after three hours. The test comes to an end when the candidate answers 75 questions correctly or when he/she exhausts all the 265 questions or at the expiry of 6 hours. The result will be updated by the board of the State where you have sat for the test since it is state-specific.

Why choose Rudraa Academy?

Digital / Live class

Facilitates training face to face and online as well for the nurses distance matters.

Feedback Support

Not only provides teaching but also gives clarification on any topic or rationale behind an answer.

Individualized Review

Weekly test is conducted to identify the weak areas and assistance is given to sharpen them .

Simplified approach

our concept-based approach review focuses on “need to know” only content.

Experienced Trainers

Our facilitators are have already taken the NCLEX computer adaptive test (CAT).

Study Guide

We offer reading materials, thousands of app and also provide the huge webinar etc.

Become your shadow

We offer our service till you pass Nclex, so you can continue with your own pace.

Exam registration

We help in exam registration process which is lengthy and a bit difficult process.
Successfully Cleared NCLEX
Office Locations
To get Licence Nurse of USA & CANADA
Conducting Our Review Programs

Reema Patel

“Hello everyone…

I would like to share something with you about my success….

First of all I am truly thankful to Rudraa academy. I am very grateful to my coach Ms. Sneha who made me stand on my feet with confidence, knowledge and courage. I will tell you that it is the journey full of hurdles where you will need lots of patience and smart work, you will have to spend enough time to digest Nclex content, you will have many nights with sleeplessness, but never lose hope……… I passed nclex in just 75 questions in first attempt….

If I can do, you also can do it…. All the best and Good luck for future nurses…….”

RN New jersey

Bhavi Patel

“Hello Nurses,
I am very happy to announce that I am RN USA now…. my dream has come true….. The whole credit goes to Rudraa Academy…… I don’t have any words to thank my coach Sneha….. In my nursing school, I used to be topper, but when I decided to be an RN of USA, my life took turns and it took me to the path which was full of anxiety, stress, tension and many ups and downs. Soon after graduating I had joined Rudraa academy and I did not have any practical experience, but the dynamic method of teaching of Ms. Sneha helped a lot…. when I could not pass for the first time, I was totally broken down. My confidence was dangling and I was not sure to take second attempt. Ms. Sneha encouraged me continually, she motivated me all the time by her impressive speech, she pushed me to keep hope and faith in myself. When I was in exam center, the computer was not shutting down at 75,100, 145, 200 and I was palpating like anything, however I was consciously trying to recall all her words to keep myself stronger and you know what it ended at 265…… The 48 hours wait time for, the result was very horrible for me, but my coach had a very strong feeling for me that I had passed….. wait time got over and when she announced that I passed, I was dumb….. And today I can’t be quite to announce that I am RN now….
Thanks Rudraa academy for making my dream come true………..”


RN New jersey

Ankita Patel

“I feel very proud to say that I am RNUS now. Toady I feel that I had taken the right decision to choose Rudraa academy….

I am very happy that all tough time got over now and new career started. I am very thankful to God and Rudraa academy. Thank you so much……..”

RN Missouri USA

Seema Patel

“Don’t have words…..”

“It has been more than 2 years when i had joined Rudraa academy…..with hard work and Good preparation i was ready to take nclex in 5 months, unfortunately I did not get canadian nclex approval for longer period of time. Waited and waited and then again applied for LPN and it was not the end. I got approval after 8 months and took Nclex-PN and cleared it in first attempt. Atleast I can say that now i can start working in the hospital. Thanks for my coach and friends and family to encourage me and support me….”

thanks you every one…..

PN, Toronto,Ontario CANADA

Payal Patel

“Countless nights without sleep, constant hardwork, countless days without outing, movies, missed many functions, parties n at last when you are about to reach to the destination and you find that doors are closed how you will feel??? That was my story. I waited for approval for more than one year and at last I got it…..I am thankful to evryone who supported me, my teachers, my friends and family members n ofcourse the great almighty……”

Thanks everyone……

PN, Ontario ,Canada

Raina Prajapati

“Yuppie yes I did it I clear nclex-RN in 1st trial Nd became RN in usa .. Thank you so much snehamam (Rudraa Academy for nclex) for helping me in achieve my goal,you showed me the right path to travel towards success..Thank you so much god for giving us best result of our hard work ”


PN, Ontario ,Canada

Payal Patel

“ #smartprofession#Registerednurse#usa#I glad to say that I crack NCLEX-RN with hard work and positive attitude. Thank you so much Sneha mam (Rudraa academy for NCLEX) to take effort and always be supportive to guide a path of our success. “

RN Illinois, USA

Pooja Patel

“Hello Everyone,
Today is one of proud day of my life that I achieved my milestone towards my dream career and now officially USRN and credit goes to RUDRAA ACADEMY FOR NCLEX (Ms. Sneha Patel).My journey to pass NCLEX and get license was like horrible roller coaster ride for me but Ms.Sneha helped me throughout it and made it so easy like process, registration and all. She kept me motivated and serve us full of her knowledge, abilities and guidance. Again A Very special thanks to Sneha Mam and my family and last but not the least God almighty…

RN Georgia USA

Nisha Patel

“I am lucky to join Rudraa academy, it was my best decision….

I do not have words to thank Sneha mam who helped me throughout my journey by continuous motivation, encouragement. I am so happy and so so thankful to sneha mam….

RN, Illinois USA

Hemali Patel

I am grateful to sneha mam & rudraa academy for your ongoing support & encouragement through my NCLEX preparation.One of the best online education center for NCLEX. Their contribution with excellent resources resulted in my achieving a successful outcome with first attempt .

Thank you so much mam& rudraa academy From :- Hemali Patel.

RN, Illinois USA

Jasmita Patel

I am very thankful to Sneha mam from Rudraa academy who helped me a lot to pass this exam. She gives person attention to each student and help them to find out weakness and work on it. It was very hard for me to even think to pass this exam, but to join Rudraa academy was my best decision.

Thanks to God and My family members who stood beside me.

RN New York

Grooming aspirants for Nurse Training.

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