NCLEX is available for B.Sc Nurses and GNM Nurses

With the growth of the health center in the countries, the demand for nurses is also increasing every day. Nursing is one of the most valued fields in the world because a nurse in a hospital has responsibilities like giving people their medicine, taking blood samples, answering questions, and checking to make sure that people are in the hospital and also a link between doctors and patients. In some countries, the demand for nurses is also increasing. So, some nurses entitle to receive a nursing license named NCLEX that facilitates them to reach foreign countries like Canada and the USA.

B.Sc in Nursing and GNM Diploma eligibility:

NCLEX is important for nurses because it bridges the gap between being a nursing student and a graduate. It is beneficial for both B.Sc and GNM Nurses. Let us know what both nursing options carry. In B.Sc nursing you will be graduated in the duration of 4 years where you get theoretical as well as practical knowledge while GNM nursing is a diploma course where you get general nursing training of 3.5 years in midwifery and also you get fewer subjects as compared to B.Sc nursing.

But the question arises that which of the options is eligible for NCLEX. Well, the answer is easy and positive that both are eligible. That nurse who has qualified from one of the options with the necessary skills to become a nurse in the state will encourage or you can go forward for the NCLEX examination. To confirm the examination, you will receive the Authorization to Take the Test letter (ATT letter). With the letter in your hand, you will be ready to apply for the NCLEX exams.

When to Take NCLEX?

As NCLEX is available for B.Sc Nurses and GNM Nurses, you can apply and register for the NCLEX anytime but there are no exact-set dates for the examination. Because after your registration for NCLEX, you can schedule the examination dates as comfortable for you! The limit is that you have to schedule NCLEX within 90 days of your Pearson VUE ATT Email approval.

After the registration of the application, the first-time test-takers will receive an appointment for an online attempt within 30 days while repeater candidates will receive it in 45 working days. If you’re not confident to sit in the examination then you can decline the offer and reschedule the dates later the 30 or 45 days.

Examination process:

Candidates should reach the test destination within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. When you reach the test site, some identification requirements would be checked strictly as all forms of it must be valid. Although it’s a computer-based examination you have to be in discipline and should be aware of all rules and regulations of the examination. If found any type of other activities during the examination, some negative situations can arise against your test. For all these types of information and preparation of the exam, various coaching centers are available but Rudraa Academy has proven to be the stand-alone NCLEX classes available for nurses to live their dream as a qualified Nurse in foreign nurses.

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