Starting in July, 2017, NCSBN is displaying a Special Research Section as a major aspect of the NCLEX-RN organization. By taking an interest in the Special Research Section, applicants are making important commitments to the future advancement of NCSBN examinations and additionally to the upgrade of the nursing calling.

The Special Research Section is given to choose competitors taking the NCLEX-RN and takes roughly 30 minutes to finish. This area is controlled after the ordinary test and does not consider some portion of the NCLEX score.

When a competitor completes their test, a starting screen demonstrates the start of the Special Research Section. This segment will likewise keep on being numbered as per the finished test – for instance, if a competitor’s test finished with inquiry 153, the main inquiry on the Special Research Section will be numbered 154. In spite of the continuous numbering, these new inquiries have no effect on NCLEX scoring or results.

Competitors may take the whole appointed six hours to finish the NCLEX. All inquiries on the NCLEX-RN and the Special Research Section are secret.