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NCSBN has taken a new approach in the form of NGN to provide competent and knowledgeable nurses to the health care system. NGN (Next Generation NCLEX) is the new way of asking questions that will develop the critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills of entry-level nurses.

All the newly graduated nurses are anxious and worried about the New Generation Nclex.

What is NGN, is it going to be very tough, how it will be scored, and the list of questions goes on and on?

Rudra academy for Nclex is here to help all the nurses to understand the NGN that is changing from April 2023.


There are total number of questions is 85 to 150 and which is the same for RN and PN and the duration of the exam is 5 hours.

The new types of questions included in the NGN are:

  1. Highlighting the items: It is also known as Enhanced Hot Spot. In which the student will read the case study or passage and then highlights the findings.
  2. Extended Drag-Drop: In the current Nclex, the drag and drop question was more like arranging in order like arranging unordered items in a correct order, in NGN drag and drop can be for any scenario. There is one difference in NGN you are not required to use all the given responses.
  3. Cloze items: Here the student will complete the sentences in the questions by choosing the right information from the drop-down list. There might be more than one drop-down list in a question. This can be in form of words, sentences, charts, or tables.
  4. Matric items: In this type of question the student will select one or more answer options for each row/ column. The options are indicated/not indicated, risk factor/no risk factor. Related/unrelated. Effective/ineffective types.
  5. Multiple selections (SATA)
  6. Bow tie items: In this type of question is shaped a bow tie, (broad in the left and right, and narrow in the middle). The information is given in the form of tabs, after reading all the information given on the left side you have to answer bow tie on the right side. For that, the student will drag the options from the list given below to the top empty boxes.
  7. Trend items: Trend items are also similar in layout to the unfolding case studies, information or client scenario will be given on the left side and the question will be given on the right, this is a stand-alone item question where the question can be in the form of multiple choice or select all that apply.